WOSP – workshop on scientific publishing




EBI content mining technical workshop


We had a great time talking to delegates about text and data mining. It is great to have made a link with the EBI, and we really enjoyed demonstrating our software, discussing the legal aspects of content mining, and learning about Senay Kafkas’ SectionTagger software. Thanks to the EBI, and especially Senay Kafkas and Jo McEntyre for hosting us.




  • chemical collaboration with Christoph Steinbeck
  • prototype indexing and analysing EuropePMC

JISC Workshop


ContentMine workshop at Jisc
10:00 – 15:30, 1 December 2014
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This workshop aims to ensure that Jisc staff are aware of the implications of TDM techniques for their various roles. This will be achieved by:

Describing, demonstrating and allowing participants to experience TDM in practice.
Enabling Jisc staff to better understand how TDM affects the work of Jisc’s customers and the work of particular Jisc staff.
Describing the legal framework in which TDM takes place.
Allowing Jisc staff to discuss with experts any questions they might have.


Peter Murray-Rust
Charles Oppenheim
Ross Mounce
Neil Jacobs
Naomi Korn
The ContentMine Team @TheContentMine