ContentMining Hackday in Cambridge

23/1/2015 – 24/1/2016

An exciting week for the ContentMine team last week in Cambridge. The team met up in person on Thursday for lunch at the Panton Arms. An appropriate choice bearing in mind where the Panton Principles were drafted ! We were also pleased that one of our Advisory Board members, Joe MacArthur was able to join us for that. Additionally, we were thrilled to be joined by Helen Turvey, the Executive Director of the Shuttleworth Foundation who provide us with invaluable support.

More details available on this blog post.


DNAdigest and ContentMine Hackday


Tickets available here.

From the volunteers and organisers of ContentMine and DNAdigest  comes a new hackday!

ContentMine is an open-source project, funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation, that extracts facts from scientific literature in machine readable form.

DNAdigest is a charity that promotes efficient sharing of genomics data to advance scientific research.

We will use the tools of ContentMine to automatically extract references to genomic datasets from new journal publications.  Then we can put them into a big machine-readable database that can be searched by interested humans and machines alike.  We would love to have your expertise and help with this experiment!

But we also want to explore with you any other areas where automatic fact extraction could be useful.

Perhaps you work in a field where you have to manually transcribe data from graphs?  Or perhaps you would like to scan open-access journals that are only available via the web for a particular word or phrase?  ContentMine has tools to do all these things and more.

If you are interested in machine-mining journals, whether that is for genomic dataset DOIs, your own research or just out of general interest, please come along and join us!  In-depth programming knowledge is not essential – ContentMine is designed to make mining easy and we will have ContentMine mentors there on the day to help you get familiar with the system.

Tickets include lunch and catering during the day.

Students attend for free.

ContentMine Workshop & Hackathon: mining for synthetic biology

10/3/2016 – 11/3/2016

Interested in using mining technologies for synthetic biology?

Content mining technologies hold much potential for maximising scientific discovery and the reuse of research through automated searching, indexing and analysing of scientific literature.

In this workshop, we aim to educate and engage technologists and biologists who are interested in using mining technologies for synthetic biology; to better enable access to research literature and data in plant synthetic biology.

The hackathon on Day Two aims to improve searching and indexing of plant synthetic biology texts through open source technology platforms developed by the Grassroots Genomics project at TGAC and the ContentMine platform from the University of Cambridge.

Further details available here.

Wikimedia Hackathon 2016

31/3/2016 – 3/4/2016

Team member Tom Arrow will be attending this event.

Wikimedia Hackathon is a major event that brings together more than 150 developers from all around the world to improve the technological infrastructure of Wikipedia, particularly the MediaWiki platform on which it is based, and the Wikimedia code development. This is your opportunity to meet the Wikimedia tech community, learn about the technologies and projects that power Wikipedia and thousands of other MediaWiki based websites and propose or join a demo-able project to hack on during the event.
Developers new to Wikimedia and tech-curious editors are also welcome!
Just bring your laptop, ideas, and energy to contribute – we promise a great event, cool atmosphere and an inspiring venue!

All participants of Hackathon are expected to respect and abide by the Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy. Individuals not cooperating with this policy may be asked to leave the event.

I Annotate 2016 Conference

19/5/2016 – 20/5/2016

Peter Murray-Rust will be attending this event.

Web Annotation continues to gain traction as a compelling collaborative activity with a diverse range of uses and users that will take society substantially forward. I Annotate 2016 will focus particularly on the vision of an interoperable annotation fabric that can serve diverse use cases and the challenges, technologies, standards, best practices, integrations and other elements necessary to accelerate its adoption as a powerful new paradigm. This year, our first in Europe, we’ll focus on bringing annotation to the larger international community, and building these relationships and networks across the annotation ecosystem.

CSV Conference 2016

3/5/2016 – 4/5/2016

People involved with ContentMine including  Mark MacGillivray, Chris Kitell, Stefan Kasberger & Richard Smith-Unna  are attending this event in various capacities.

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csv,conf,v2 is a community driven data conference.  Its an event thats not literally about CSV file format, but rather about what CSV represents in regards to our wider community ideals (data interoperability, hackability, simplicity, etc.).

Keeping with the first csv conference, we have put together a heavily curated program that maintains an unconference feel.  This will include quick, rapid fire, 20-minute presentations hand selected by the program committee.  Talks will be about a range of data-related topics from a diverse range of speakers.  Our focus this year is connecting key areas of open science, data journalism, and open government with the wider data software/tools community.