OpenCon 2015 Session


Short introduction into the ContentMine project and the software pipeline, followed by a Live-Demo of the fact extraction on the web and some outcomes of the PLUTO project.

For Participants

Find all the details at our GitHub repository.


will follow.


OpenCon2014 was the Best and Most Important Meeting of My Life; the Revolution is launched

I’m serious.

From start to finish this was a superb three-day meeting of young people who know that current scholarship/publishing/university_practice has so many injustices and so much waste that we cannot go on this way.

Must be brief – airport. Search for OpenCon2014 for reports and tweets and pictures. In brief:

  • 175 young passionate people from round the globe (only 5% of applicants could be selected for 80 scholarships)
  • sensational vision and planning from SPARC , RightToResearch, OA Button, etc.
  • Brillaint and inspiring speakers. A+ to everyone.
  • Many people already suffering under the present system.
  • Culminating in a superbly organized day of Advocacy actually on Capitol Hill, Washington. Huge insights into how to get political support and change.

I use the word “Revolution”. It needn’t be bloody. I’ll write more…