ContentMining Hackday in Cambridge

23/1/2015 – 24/1/2016

An exciting week for the ContentMine team last week in Cambridge. The team met up in person on Thursday for lunch at the Panton Arms. An appropriate choice bearing in mind where the Panton Principles were drafted ! We were also pleased that one of our Advisory Board members, Joe MacArthur was able to join us for that. Additionally, we were thrilled to be joined by Helen Turvey, the Executive Director of the Shuttleworth Foundation who provide us with invaluable support.

More details available on this blog post.


ContentMine Team Retreat

6/9/2015 – 7/9/2015

As many of the ContentMine (CM) team as possible will be having another informal but active meet-up in Cambridge.  

For Participants

Participants (confirmed thus far):- Peter Murray-Rust, Jenny Molloy, Graham Steel, Mark MacGillivray, Chris Kittel, Stefan Kasberger, Cameron Neylon, Lou Woodley No agenda just as yet, but we will get this posted in advance.