About Us

ContentMine aims to enable everyone to perform research using humanity’s accumulated scientific knowledge. We believe that “The Right to Read is the Right to Mine”: anyone who has lawful access to read the literature with their eyes should be able to do so with a machine. To make this a reality we are building software and training resources so that together we can liberate 100,000,000 facts from the scientific literature.

Research which relies on aggregating large amounts of dynamic information to benefit society is particularly key to our work – we want to see the right information getting to the right people at the right time and work with professionals such as clinical trials specialists and conservationists. ContentMine tools, resources, services and content are fully Open and can be re-used by anybody for any legal purpose.

ContentMine is inspired by the community successes of Wikimedia, Open StreetMap, Open Knowledge Foundation, and others. and encourages the growth of subcommunities which design, implement and pursue their particular aims.

The Project

We are funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation, a philanthropic organisation who are unafraid to re-imagine the world and fund people who’ll change it.


The ContentMine began in 2014 focusing on workshops and advocacy, but since then we’ve developed some cutting-edge software, started some great academic partnerships and we’re exploring our long-term strategy after being fortunate to receive Shuttleworth funding for a second year.


Meet The Team


Peter Murray-Rust, Founder and Shuttleworth Fellow


Peter leads the ContentMine as a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. He is the main software pipeline architect and a tireless advocate that the right to read is the right to mine.


Jenny Molloy, Manager


Jenny supports Peter to manage the team and work with our partners to get more researchers content mining.

graham steel1

Graham Steel, Social Media Manager


Graham manages our social media channels and blog. He keeps a watchful eye out for developments and items of interest to ContentMine.


Mark MacGillivray, Dev and product leader


Mark manages development sprints, our static website, servers, sysadmin, web app deployment and maintenance, as well as productisation.


Richard Smith-Unna, Software consultant and researcher


Richard is responsible for the ContentMine content acquisition tools (getpapers and quickscrape/scraperJSON), and does applied research using content mining.


Stefan Kasberger, Training Manager


Stefan extends the software toolchain with jupyter/iPython notebooks for downstream analysis. He manages training concepts, workshop resources, community website design and the discourse platform.


Chris Kittel, Training Manager


Chris maintains and expands our workshop resources and online training material. He is always trying to increase accessability of users to content mining tools and software.

ross mounce 2

Ross Mounce, Researcher


Ross worked on the PLUTo project and contributes to the continued development of ContentMine tools and strategy.

Past Team Members


Michelle Brook


Michelle was project manager at the very start of the ContentMine project and made major contributions to building us from the ground up.


Steph Smith-Unna


Steph worked on documenting our training resources and software.

Our Advisory Board


Laura James



John Wilbanks



Heather Joseph



Joe McArthur



Puneet Kishor


cameron image

Cameron Neylon



Charles Oppenheim


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