Introducing Fellow Alexandre Hannud Abdo: Digging up Global Health facts

alexandre-hannud-abdo“Our goal is to mine facts from global health research and provide automated referenced summaries to practitioners and agents who don’t have the means or the time to navigate the literature.

Plus, for extreme situations where decisions can’t wait for new research to be confirmed, we’ll do our best to highlight which preliminary facts, as published in the latest conferences, share more traits with previously confirmed results.”

Hi! My name is Ale, I was born and raised in Brazil, where I also obtained my PhD in Physics and later participated in large-scale projects in epidemiology and public health. I currently live in France, where I work at LISIS (Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Sciences, Innovations and Societies) in a project about the evolution of the field of oncology.

I am extremely happy to join this first cohort of ContentMine Fellows. I participated in a ContentMine workshop in 2014 and have been following the progress of the project ever since, looking for an opportunity to collaborate which now materializes.

The research field of my proposal is Global Health, and our goal is as stated in the opening paragraph. It should be noted that I am not alone, and my interest comes from a group formed during OpenCon 2015 by Neo Chung — who serendipitously was also awarded a ContentMine fellowship under an entirely different subject.

Being a fellow will enable me to develop this proposal within a motivating community, with my lab better understanding my time away from my primary job. It will also accelerate my learning and contributing to the platform, and hopefully will help attract other researchers excited by this idea!


Published by

Ale Abdo

I am a knight who says... Ni! In my time away from doing this nasty thing, I play the role of a postdoctoral researcher at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Sciences, Innovations and Societies in Paris, France.

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