Barriers to content mining: fake article webpages

Two ContentMine team members featured in Nature News this week reporting difficulties they have faced in text mining Wiley publications due to ‘Trap’ URLs, designed to catch people using automated downloading.

Full article: ‘Publisher under fire for fake article webpages

Richard Smith-Unna, lead developer of ContentMine’s getpapers and quickscrape tools, encountered the issue while undertaking research that is fully supported by the UK copyright exception for text and data mining and where his University librarians had been informed. Ross Mounce, lead researcher on the ContentMine-supported PLUTo project has encountered similar issues before and states:

“I’m worried we’re seeing the beginning of an evolutionary arms race between legacy publishers and researchers.”

The methods employed were criticised as heavy-handed and unsophisticated by several commentators, with one librarian stating that they find the behaviour concerning “Because it demonstrates that supporting research is not the chief priority of these publishers.”

ContentMine continues to support the rights of researchers to build on our collective scientific knowledge through mining the academic literature and to call out barriers to that mission.


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