ContentMine Workshop & Hackathon: mining for synthetic biology – March 10th & 11th, Norwich, UK.

Supported by the OpenPlant Fund

Interested in using mining technologies for synthetic biology?

Content mining technologies hold much potential for maximising scientific discovery and the reuse of research through automated searching, indexing and analysing of scientific literature.

In this workshop, we aim to educate and engage technologists and biologists who are interested in using mining technologies for synthetic biology; to better enable access to research literature and data in plant synthetic biology.

The hackathon on Day Two aims to improve searching and indexing of plant synthetic biology texts through open source technology platforms developed by the Grassroots Genomics project at TGAC and the ContentMine platform from the University of Cambridge.

Target Audience

Best suited to biologists and bioinformaticians who have some experience of using command line tools or the enthusiasm to pick this up! As such, formal programming experience is not a requirement, but you may find it useful to attend the Software Carpentry Bootcamp held at TGAC prior to this event.

Course prerequisites: Basic prior knowledge of programming concepts.

Course details

The registration fee is £50.00 (plus booking fee of 2.13 per cent) – refundable on attendance (minus booking fee) which will be processed post event.

We are also able to reimburse up to two nights accommodation with a limit of £80.00 per night (receipts required).

Find out more and register


Registration Deadline: 26 February 2016

Participation: first come, first served


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