Open Knowledge are hiring for a research assistant on the FutureTDM project who will work closely with ContentMine

FutureTDM EU Project in collaboration with ContentMine


OKfuturetdm logocropped-contentmine.png

Open Knowledge are collaborating with ContentMine, a project led by Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow Dr Peter Murray-Rust, that aims to put text and data mining (TDM) technology in the hands of the researchers who need to perform large-scale analyses of important topics like clinical trials, endangered species and many more of scientific value. We are partners in the H2020-funded FutureTDM project, which identifies current barriers to TDM through policy analysis and consultation with researchers, developers, publishers, and SMEs. FutureTDM will then come up with solid European-wide recommendations that address and reduce the barriers on a legal, policy and organizational level.

We are tasked with engaging stakeholders around barriers, enablers and best practices in TDM within the EU, researching case studies through structured interviews and disseminating the outcomes of the project to raise awareness of TDM and provide supporting evidence for related legal and policy frameworks.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Research Assistant (UK, 3.5 days per week).

This is an exciting opportunity to apply for which runs for 22 months, from December 2015 to September 2017. Full details available here on the Open Knowledge website.


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