briefs: Chris Hartgerink, licences, future plans

I wrote four blog posts on my normal blog ( last week and this is a link to them for those who primarily read the blogs. The first three were catalyzed by Elsevier banning Chris Hartgerink’s research. Chris was using our software to mine the literature to look for statistical irregularities (a valuable piece of research.) Elsevier banned him from doing it and his library has effectively supported this – at least they have made no public comment

The problem could be avoided if Universities agreed not to sign restrictive contracts and I ask why they don’t do this. I am still waiting for any library to reply – it’s very disheartening to feel that libraries take the publishers’ side rather than researchers, so please correct this.

And our application to Shuttleworth for a third year of funding.

which includes the video:

ContentMining of the Scientific and Medical Literature from Peter Murray-Rust on Vimeo.


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