Audio interview with Peter Murray-Rust on the Data Skeptic Podcast (53 minutes)

In August, Peter Murray-Rust agreed to doing an interview with Kyle Polich at Data Skeptic “The podcast that is skeptical of and with data”. The interview was published online on 28th August 2015.

Data Skeptic is a podcast that alternates between short mini episodes with the host explaining concepts from data science to his non-data scientist wife, and longer interviews featuring practitioners and experts on interesting topics related to data, all through the eye of scientific skepticism.

ContentMine is a project which provides the tools and workflow to convert scientific literature into machine readable and machine interpretable data in order to facilitate better and more effective access to the accumulated knowledge of human kind. The program’s founder Peter Murray-Rust joins us this week to discuss ContentMine. Our discussion covers the project, the scientific publication process, copyright, and several other interesting topics.

Full transcript available here: ContentMine full transcript.

The draft transcript is  ~98% accurate and Peter will edit this in due course.



Both the audio and transcript are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY.

With so much valuable content, in due course, we shall break this down into more sizable segments, but for now, enjoy the interview in full.

Just some of the topics covered:-



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