Wellcome Trust Workshop – Before the Event


On the 13th & 14th April 2015, we will be hosting our next Workshop in London at the Wellcome Trust. This particular Workshop received a very high level of interest from the moment that we released tickets in late January.

Here is the Training Workshop Agenda for Monday 13th.

And the Workshop Hackday and Policy Panel Session Agenda for the following day can be found here.

cmteam_720The following members of the ContentMine team will be present:-

Peter Murray-Rust, Jenny Molloy, Mark MacGillivray, Richard Smith-Unna, Stephanie Smith-Unna and Graham Steel

25 individuals with broad and diverse areas of academic backgrounds will be in attendance. In addition, 10-15 individuals from funding bodies, institutions, learned societies and other policy-related organisations will join the final afternoon session on the 14th including Wellcome Trust, HEFCE, BIS, RLUK, British Library, the Royal Society and Nature Publishing Group.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Raise awareness of content mining among researchers.
  2. Train 20-25 researchers in using the ContentMine pipeline tools.
  3. Promote legal and responsible content mining practices.
  4. Prototype or at least explore developing a range of new applications and tools that might be useful to funders and researchers.
  5. Showcase the scope of potential applications for content mining to workshop participants and invited policy staff.
  6. Discuss and suggest requirements to drive uptake of content mining e.g. training, policy, use cases, commercial applications.

Day one is a full day from 10:00 – 18:00. Afterwards, we have reserved space for around 25 people for an informal social event to discuss hackday projects. This shall be held at the Euston Flyer which is situated only a few minutes walk away from Wellcome.

Day two is also a full day from 09:00 – 17:00. There are currently no plans for any social activities at the end of day two.

Anticipated Workshop Outcomes

  1. Research or assessment performed using ContentMine tools by a proportion of workshop participants.
  2. Production of two or more prototype applications designed to be useful to the funders and/or researchers.
  3. Continuing collaboration and development of a proportion of hackday prototypes by participants and ContentMine staff.
  4. One or more ContentMine trainers recruited from pool of participants, increasing the reach of training for content mining.
  5. Better informed policy staff as a result of panel discussion and publication of outputs.
  6. Demand for training by further organisations or individuals linked to the Wellcome Trust, therefore potential for increased impact beyond this particular workshop.

We shall publish a further blog post after the event !


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