Content Mining Hackday in Cambridge this Friday 20150123 all welcome

We are having a ContentMine hackday – open to all – this Friday in Cambridge .

We are VERY grateful to Laura James, from our Advisory Board who also set up the Cambridge Makespace where the event will be held. This event will cover everything – technical, science, sociolegal, etc. We are delighted that Professor Charles Oppenheim , another of our Advisory Board, will be present. Charles is a world expert on scholarship including the policy and legality of mining. For example he flagged up today that the EU and its citizens are pushing for reform…

We’re also expecting colleagues from Cambridge University Library so we can have a lively political stream. And we’ve got scientific publishers in Cambridge – love to see you.

There’ll be a technical stream – integrating the components of quickscrape, Norma, AMI and our API created by Mark MacGillivray and colleagues at CottageLabs. All the technology is brand new and everything is offered Openly (including commercial use).

And there’ll be a group of subprojects based on scientific disciplines. They include:

  • clinical trials
  • farming and agronomy
  • crystallography

If you have an area you’d like to mine, come along. You’ll need to have a good idea of your sources (journals, theses, etc.) , and some idea of what you’d like to extract. And, ideally, you’ll need energy and stamina and friends…

Oh, and in the unlikely event you get bored we are 15 metres from the Cambridge Winter Beer Festival.


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